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Ecran LCD 1920x1200 Q7 HDMI/SDI (7") - LILLIPUT
  • Ecran LCD 1920x1200 Q7 HDMI/SDI (7") - LILLIPUT
  • Ecran LCD 1920x1200 Q7 HDMI/SDI (7") - LILLIPUT
  • Ecran LCD 1920x1200 Q7 HDMI/SDI (7") - LILLIPUT
  • Ecran LCD 1920x1200 Q7 HDMI/SDI (7") - LILLIPUT

Ecran LCD 1920x1200 Q7 HDMI/SDI (7") - LILLIPUT

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Le haut de gamme de chez LILLIPUT ! Un écran 7 pouces d'une résolution de  1920x1200 dans un boitier tout métal. Signal SDI en entré et HDMI en sortie et vice versa.

Derniers articles en stock

Description du produit

Cadre extérieur en métal pour une durabilité accrue

Le Q7 a un boîtier en métal léger - conçu pour encaisser des impacts tout en restant léger et portable. Un poids de 405g , avec une épaisseur totale de 22mm - beaucoup plus mince et plus léger que beaucoup d'autres modèles comparables. Inestimable pour une utilisation sur le terrain, ou dans un environnement difficile.

Fonctions Avancées

Le Q7 a une plénitude de fonctions avancées pour aider lors de vos tournages. A savoir - Timecodes, Columnar YRGB, Pixel Zoom Fonction, Vector Scopes, Waveforms, Indicateurs de niveau audio, Peaking, Fausses Couleurs, Histogrammes, Exposition, Zones de Sécurité, Barres de couleur, Pixel à Pixel, et retournement de l'image. Une multitude de fonctions pour une solution de monitoring à multiples facettes.

black magic pocket cinema camera compatible

Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera Compatible

This monitor is fitted with a processing chip which gives a greater range of input frequencies that can be used. For the full range of compatible frequencies please click here

7 inch 16:9 LCD

7" SDI monitor with widescreen aspect ratio

The Lilliput Q7 features our first full HD native panel, clocking in at 1920 x 1200. Much improved over its predecessors, this high resolution will give you the clearest view of your images without the need for down sampling or interpolation


SDI - HDMI Cross conversion

You asked - we listened! The Lilliput Q7 monitor supports cross conversion between HDMI and SDI. Input SDI signal - receive HDMI output and vice versa. 

7 inch 16:9 LCD

Metal outer frame for added durability

The Q7 has a lightweight metal housing - designed to take the roughest of knocks while at the same time being as light and portable. The unit weight in at 405g, with an overall thickness of 22mm - far thinner and lighter than many other comparable models. Invaluable for use in the field, or in a tough-and-tumble environment.

7 inch 16:9 LCD

Advanced monitor functionality

As detailed at the top of this description page, the Q7 has a plenitude of advanced functions to assist with your shooting. Namely - Timecodes, Columnar YRGB, Pixel Zoom Function, Vector Scopes, Waveforms, Audio Level Meters, Peaking, False Colour, Histograms, Exposures, Check Fields, Color Bars, Pixel to Pixel, and Image flips. A host of functions for a multi faceted monitoring solution.

7 inch 16:9 LCD

Battery plate system for compatible batteries with your DSLR setup

We supply the monitor with 2 battery plates as standard - these are compatible with the Canon LP-E6 and the Sony F-970. Also available are the Sony QM91D and the Panasonic DU21, and for an addition charge we can supply a V-Mount battery plate.

7 inch 16:9 LCD

Shoe mount Adaptor included

There are two options for mounting this monitor - the most common is the Shoe Mount adaptor which screws into a 1/4" BSW threaded hole at the bottom of the monitor and then clips into the shoe mount on top of your camera. Alternatively, you can use the VESA 75 mounting hole set in the back to attach the monitor to a sturdier mount if needed

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